Secret Of The Forbidden Groove

Genre: Rhythm-Puzzle
Platform: Android
Players: Single Player
Status: Prototyped, Indefinitely Postponed

Team: Handsome Dragon Games
Role: Creative Director
Duration: 3 weeks

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Secret of the Forbidden Groove (formerly titled Synth Spelunkers) challenges players to guide a series of intrepid explorers through the depths of an ancient jungle temple, searching for a mystical treasure. This is no ordinary temple however; the air is filled with music, and the entire temple pulses to its rhythm. Players aim to choose where Spelunkers will enter the temple and when, in the hopes that they will be able to dance their way through all the rhythmic traps and pitfalls, whilst opening paths for their fellow Spelunkers at just the right moment.

As they push deeper and deeper into the temple’s depths, there’s no telling what perils they will find…

There is currently no publicly available version of Secret of the Forbidden Groove, and as it stands, the project has been indefinitely postponed.