Ricochet Continuum (Prototype)

Genre: Puzzle
Platform: PC
Players: Single Player
Status: Prototyped, Unreleased

Team: Handsome Dragon Games
Role: Creative Director, Programming, Audio, Art
Duration:  2 weeks

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Team Members:
Jack Kuskoff – Creative Director, Programming, Audio, Art
Callan Syratt – UI

Ricochet Continuum is a game with a simple objective: shoot all the targets. But this simple objective is not so simply achieved. The player’s shots will bounce from wall to wall, around corners and up shafts, weaving a complicated path through each level. Aside from predicting where each shot will land, players must also predict when their shots will get there; a feat made particularly difficult by time shifting gates scattered throughout the levels, each of which shift time forwards or backwards when hit.

There’s currently no publicly available version of Ricochet Continuum, but there might be one eventually.

UPDATE (12/10/2017): We’re currently working on reworking, updating, and fleshing out the game, so there will hopefully be a new and improved ‘Ricochet Continuum’ somewhere over the horizon! (Although probably under a better name.)