Genre: Resource Management
Platform: Web
Single Player
Status: Completed, Available

Team: Unnamed
Role: Designer/Programmer/Manager
Duration: 3 Weeks


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Team Members:
Jack Kuskoff – Designer/Programmer/Manager
Sam McLean – Musician
Eugene Martens – Artist

Special Thanks:
Savik Fraguela – Assisted greatly in the creation of the tower.

Prosperity is a resource management game that has players building and managing a workforce to create a massive tower in the name of God. Carefully manage the assignment of each worker to maximise your resource output and build the tower as quickly as you can, lest God grow impatient. Yet the resources you can gather are limited in their supply. When they run dry and the clock is ticking, what method will you turn to, to build the tower ever higher?

You can download Prosperity here.


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