Genre: Incremental
Platform: PC
Players: Single Player (0-1 Players)
Status: Completed, Available

Role: Literally Everything
Duration: ~6 hours


J.E.R.R.Y (J-Disc Enabled Radical Retention sYstem) is an incremental (otherwise known as idle) game that aims to explore the AI singularity and human obsolescence. You take the role of J.E.R.R.Y’s creator and are responsible for selecting the various upgrades to be added to the system. However, the highest tier upgrade allows J.E.R.R.Y to take control of the upgrades, and choose them itself. As time goes on, and J.E.R.R.Y becomes better and better at managing itself, just how long will it need to keep you around?

You can download J.E.R.R.Y here.


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