Gun Blaster Tank Ship Extreme III Infinity Laser

Genre: Twin-Stick Shooter
Platform: Web
Players: Single Player
Status: Incomplete, Abandoned (For now)

Team: Unnamed
Roll: Manager/Programmer
Duration: 1 week

GBTSE III Screenshot

Team Members:
Jack Kuskoff – Manager/Programmer
Nicholas Royal – Level Designer
Chris Edwards – Artist

Gun Blaster Tank Ship Extreme III – Infinity Laser is a twin-stick shooter designed around the concept of ‘infinite progression’. Players fight their way through endless hordes of progressively more challenging enemies until their inevitable defeat. However, upon dying they receive experience points based on their score, which allow them to level up and improve their ‘Tank Ship’ to survive even longer. As with the combat, there is no limit on the upgrades either, so players can attain any amount of power they wish, so long as they poses the skill and patience for it.

Try the prototype here.


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