Deadwood Tune-Up

Genre: Top-Down Shooter
Platform: Web
Players: Single Player
Status: Incomplete, Abandoned

Team: Ludus Empire
Role: Manager/Designer
Duration: 6 weeks

Deadwood Screenshot

Team Members:
Jack Kuskoff – Manager/Designer
Jim Vincent – AI & Systems Programmer
Huxley Dowling – Player & Systems Programmer
Blake Harris – Designer

Deadwood Tune-Up is a top-down shooter in which players must spend their days scavenging for various car parts in order to repair a beat-up 4WD and escape the zombie infested town of Deadwood. But you cannot simply spend all day fetching parts, you must also search for weapons and ammo to ensure your survival against the hordes of the night, who not only want you dead, but your car as well. Can you keep them at bay and manage to survive?

You can play Deadwood Tune-Up here.


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