Arms Race (Game Jam Ver.)

Genre: Button Mashing Party Game
Platform: PC, Mac
Players: Two (Competitive Head-To-Head)
Status: Base Game Completed, Possibly Expanding…

Team: Handsome Dragon Games
Role: Game Design, Management
Duration: 48 hours (Consecutive)


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Team Members:
Jack Kuskoff – Game Design, Management
Corey Underdown – Programming
Callan Syratt – Programming, UI
Lauren Bearkley – Lead Artist
Samuel McLean – Lead Musician

“The Cold War isn’t thawing; it is burning with a deadly heat.” ~ R. Nixon

Arms Race puts two players in the shoes of rival diplomats – one from Russia, the other: America – and pits them against each other in a diplomatic battle of focus and determination. When only one of them can walk away victorious from this frantic political free-for-all, who will reign supreme?

The game was developed in 48 hours, as part of the Brisbane Fab48 challenge, using the inspirations “Love”, “Power”, and “Surprise”. It was a hard fought development, and there’s still a couple of rough edges, but the Arms Race still has plenty of surprises waiting for you…

Since then, we’ve taken the time to amp up the game and turn it into a more complete experience, which you can get here!

Alternatively, if you want to try out the original game jam version, you can download it here!