I’m Jack – Tall Guy Extraordinaire. Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

A little, 7-foot tall corner.

I’m a game designer and programmer, and also a project leader at times, and this here site is where I talk about all that stuff. And trust me, that encompasses a lot of ‘stuff’. You’ll find analyses of game design and programming concepts, breakdowns and postmortems of games I’ve made, and a lot of explanations about things I’ve done and how I made them do that.

I’ve been involved in so many different games projects over the course of my career and studies that I’ve lost count. Some were finished, some were not. Some were great, others less so. I’ve made games by myself and as part of a several small teams. It’s been quite the varied journey up to this point, and a lot of that is documented somewhere around here.

Currently, I’m leading a small indie team Handsome Dragon Games, and we’ve already got our first title released on Steam, Dyadic! Why not check it out, eh? Or you could try out our head-to-head button mashing extravaganza: Arms Race! Your call.

Regardless, now that you’ve ended up here, do try to enjoy your stay.

Want to know more about me, get in touch, or relentlessly stalk me over the internet?
Try these:
Handsome Dragon Games Website
Whispering your secrets into an envelope and casting it into the unknowable void.


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