Reaching New Heights – Dyadic

Genre: Local Co-Op Puzzle Platformer
Platform: PC, Mac
Players: Multiplayer (2 Players)
Status: Released

Team: Handsome Dragon Games (Formerly Team Dyadic)
Role: Creative Director
Duration: 6 weeks (Prototype), 11 Months (Full Version)

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Team Members:
Jack Kuskoff – Creative Director
Corey Underdown – Programming
Callan Syratt – Programming, UI
Jared Ford – Programming
Angelica Zurawski – Lead Artist
Samuel McLean – Lead Musician
Nicole Biddle – Graphic Design
Karl Mizzi -Graphic Design

In Dyadic, two players find themselves trapped in ancient ruins after discovering a rare and priceless artifact. Both of you want to be the one to escape ruins with the artifact, but you don’t necessarily have enough equipment to do it on your own. Will both of you work together to try and solve the perilous puzzles that stand in your path? Or will you forsake each other to try and keep the treasure for yourselves? There’s only one way to find out…

Dyadic is now available on the Steam store! Check it out!

You can also check out my various chronicles of the development process here!

Now, this project was the big one. So you’re well aware, Dyadic is a 2D co-op puzzle platformer, designed around the themes of trust and sharing. Players were required to work together to solve puzzles in an ancient ruin and work their way towards the exit by trading various items back and forth between them. This game is, without doubt, the most successful project I’ve been a part of to date.

In terms of production, not only did we have all of the features and content we desired in there, but we also had time to polish the entire project and make almost everything just that much better. Thus, we managed to create a game with a consistent feel and atmosphere. Team communication and dedication was both strong and continual – a major contributor to the project’s success.

On the design front, we didn’t quite manage to achieve the kind of player relationship we were aiming for – one of initial mistrust, potentially transitioning to trust throughout the game. And, as always, the issue of player communication reared its ever more hideous head. Whilst, as with most of my recent designs, player have generally managed to work things out and enjoy the game with a bit of playing around, communication has fast become an obvious area for significant improvement.

Regardless, this game is one that I’m immensely proud of (at the time of writing at least). And in fact, the entire team is already dedicated to continuing to improve and expand the game into a full release version. So technically this has been more of a ‘prototype’ than a ‘game’. Keep an eye out for the full version, yeah?

UPDATE: We’re making it happen! Dyadic is now on Steam Greenlight!
UPDATE 2: We made it happen! We’ve been Greenlit! We’ll be on Steam early next year!
UPDATE 3: We’ve got a demo out for the game right now! You should try it out!
UPDATE 4: Dyadic has officially been released! You should grab a copy!

You can download the Dyadic prototype here.
NOTE: The Dyadic PROTOTYPE requires 1 gamepad and (preferably) 2 players. The full version and Dyadic DEMO now have keyboard support!



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