Month: October 2016

Arms Race – Mutually Assured Production

A Post-Mortem

Hey there, dear reader! For those of you who are familiar with my blog (I assume there are very few of you), you’ll note that I’m actually taking the time to make my recent game jam gameĀ Arms Race its own post-mortem, instead of putting a post-mortem summary of sorts on the end of a Gentlemen’s Showcase post. That’s because this one is probably going to be a fair amount longer than the kind of space I use in a typical summary. But anyway, enough rambling, let’s talk about Arms Race, and how its production went down.

First and foremost, its important to note that the entire development of this game (up to the point of writing this, at least) took place within the span of 48 hours, for the Brisbane Fab48 Game Jam 2016. We (Handsome Dragon Games) were given the words ‘Love’, ‘Power’, and ‘Surprise’ to use as our inspirations for the game, the last of which being the one we focused on primarily.