Month: July 2016

What’s The Matter? – Play By Your Own Rules

Hello again! I have returned from the eternal void of nothingness to once more bring my varied ramblings about the projects I’m doing to your electronic devices. How exciting!

Now, despite the fact that I’m now walking the path of The Programmer (having already completed that of The Designer) to kick things off I’m going to be talking game design. In particular, board game design. For you see one of my current projects is to work with a team to create a board game for three players, which relies on a bag of random tokens as a core mechanic.

So, to catch you up on the general premise: Each player has their own bag of tokens and moves along their own path, separate from the others. These paths intersect at various places, and each intersection has a coloured token on it. Each player is aiming to get half of the tokens on their path to be their own colour by swapping them with those from various player’s bags, and using various action cards to influence the chances of all these things happening. Whilst that’s not the most comprehensive description, you get the general idea.