Month: October 2015

Reaching New Heights – Emakimono

Genre: Auto-Runner (Or ‘Flier’ more so)
Platform: PC, Mac
Players: Single Player
Status: Released

Team: Handsome Dragon Games
Role: Game Design, Management
Duration: 48 hours (Consecutive)


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Team Members:
Jack Kuskoff – Game Design, Management
Corey Underdown – Programming
Callan Syratt – Programming, UI
Jared Ford – Programming
Angelica Zurawski – Lead Artist
Samuel McLean – Lead Musician

Emakimono is an infinite auto-runner (or auto-flier, as it were) wherein players take control of a small, paper swallow, desperately fleeing from the collapse of its world. Gracefully guide the swallow over and under the various obstacles that stand in its way, and fly as far as you can!

If you want to try the PC or Mac version of Emakimono, you can download them here!



Reaching New Heights – Prosperity

Genre: Resource Management
Platform: Web
Single Player
Status: Completed, Available

Team: Unnamed
Role: Designer/Programmer/Manager
Duration: 3 Weeks

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Team Members:
Jack Kuskoff – Designer/Programmer/Manager
Sam McLean – Musician
Eugene Martens – Artist

Special Thanks:
Savik Fraguela – Assisted greatly in the creation of the tower.

Prosperity is a resource management game that has players building and managing a workforce to create a massive tower in the name of God. Carefully manage the assignment of each worker to maximise your resource output and build the tower as quickly as you can, lest God grow impatient. Yet the resources you can gather are limited in their supply. When they run dry and clock is ticking, what method will you turn to, to build the tower ever higher?

You can download Prosperity here.


Reaching New Heights – LinKeR

Genre: Top-Down Racer
Platform: PC
Players: Local Multiplayer (4 Players)
Status: Incomplete, Abandoned But Not Forgotten

Team: Handsome Dragon Games (Most of them, anyway)
Role: Game Design, Art, Management
Duration: ~40 hours / 5 Days

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Team Members:
Jack Kuskoff – Design, Art, Management
Callan Syratt – Programming, UI
Corey Underdown – Programming
Samuel McLean – Audio

LinKeR is a top-down twin-stick racer which pits four players against each other in a frantic and deadly race. Players shoot, slow, sting, and detonate their opponents all throughout the race in their efforts to take the lead. Each player always has their car’s trusty machine gun to tackle their foes, along with a myriad of items to be picked up along the track, but there’s a catch: the enemy hit by an attack is not the one that takes the damage. All the damage goes to that player’s ‘scapegoat’ – another racer, possibly you. Can you hit the right opponent to take the lead?

Currently, there’s no publicly available version of LinKeR, but who knows, maybe there will be one day. It’s an idea that needs a lot of work, but that we at HDG are all still fond of. We’ll see…


Reaching New Heights – Silencing Storm

Genre: Action Platformer
Platform: Web
Players: Single Player
Status: Completed, Available

Team: Thunder Moose
Roll: Programming
Duration: 6 Weeks

Featured image

Team Members:
Jarred Gruss – Manager
Jack Kuskoff – Programmer
Nicholas Royal – Level Designer
Eugene Martens – Artist/Animator
Julian Mchutchinson – Audio

Silencing Storm is a 2D action platformer that has the player racing against the clock, and engaging in frantic and deadly combat with the countless enemies that stand in their path. Fight your way through three unique levels as quickly and as stylishly as you can to earn the most points and take your place at the top of the leaderboards.

Try the full game here.


Reaching New Heights – J.E.R.R.Y

Genre: Incremental
Platform: PC
Players: Single Player (0-1 Players)
Status: Completed, Available

Role: Literally Everything
Duration: ~6 hours


J.E.R.R.Y (J-Disc Enabled Radical Retention sYstem) is an incremental (otherwise known as idle) game that aims to explore the AI singularity and human obsolescence. You take the role of J.E.R.R.Y’s creator and are responsible for selecting the various upgrades to be added to the system. However, the highest tier upgrade allows J.E.R.R.Y to take control of the upgrades, and choose them itself. As time goes on, and J.E.R.R.Y becomes better and better at managing itself, just how long will it need to keep you around?

You can download J.E.R.R.Y here.


Reaching New Heights – PULL

Genre: Infinite Runner (Kind Of)
Platform: Web
Players: Single Player
Status: Completed, Available

Team: Solo
Role: Literally Everything (Except Music)
Duration: 1 Week

Pull Thumbnail

PULL is an infinite runner wherein players aim to pull a massive statue of Atlas as far as they possibly can, before being overwhelmed by the shadowy figures that pursue them from behind. To keep yourself from being overwhelmed, you must at times halt your advance to quite literally shake off your pursuers (from the statue, that is).  How far will you go before you fall to them?

You can play PULL here.


Reaching New Heights – Gravitas Magi

Genre: Third Person Pursuit
Platform: PC
Players: Local Multiplayer (2-4 Players)
Status: Incomplete, Abandoned but Available

Team: Segway Army
Roll: Manager/Level Designer
Duration: 4 weeks

Gravitas Magi Screenshot

Normally I’d have gameplay here, but I can’t play the game with only one controller.

Team Members:
Jack Kuskoff – Manager/Level Designer
Gibraan Jamnadas – Artist/Designer
Josh Hodkinson – Programmer
Huxley Dowling – Programmer

Gravitas Magi is a local 4 player game best described as ‘Gravity Tag’. One player who is designated ‘it’, must chase the other three through an enclosed and abstract environment. However, every player is completely in control of their own direction of gravity. As such, players can soar across the map, falling in any direction they choose to either hunt their prey, or escape their hunter.

You can download Gravitas Magi here.
NOTE: 2-4 Gamepads and players are required to play.


Reaching New Heights – Deadwood Tune-Up

Genre: Top-Down Shooter
Platform: Web
Players: Single Player
Status: Incomplete, Abandoned but Available

Team: Ludus Empire
Role: Manager/Designer
Duration: 6 weeks

Deadwood Screenshot

Team Members:
Jack Kuskoff – Manager/Designer
Jim Vincent – AI & Systems Programmer
Huxley Dowling – Player & Systems Programmer
Blake Harris – Designer

Deadwood Tune-Up is a top-down shooter in which players must spend their days scavenging for various car parts in order to repair a beat-up 4WD and escape the zombie infested town of Deadwood. But you cannot simply spend all day fetching parts, you must also search for weapons and ammo to ensure your survival against the hordes of the night, who not only want you dead, but your car as well. Can you keep them at bay and manage to survive?

You can play Deadwood Tune-Up here.


Reaching New Heights – Gun Blaster Tank Ship Extreme III Infinity Laser

Genre: Twin-Stick Shooter
Platform: Web
Players: Single Player
Status: Incomplete, Abandoned (For now) but Available

Team: Unnamed
Roll: Manager/Programmer
Duration: 1 week

GBTSE III Screenshot

Team Members:
Jack Kuskoff – Manager/Programmer
Nicholas Royal – Level Designer
Chris Edwards – Artist

Gun Blaster Tank Ship Extreme III – Infinity Laser is a twin-stick shooter designed around the concept of ‘infinite progression’. Players fight their way through endless hordes of progressively more challenging enemies until their inevitable defeat. However, upon dying they receive experience points based on their score, which allow them to level up and improve their ‘Tank Ship’ to survive even longer. As with the combat, there is no limit on the upgrades either, so players can attain any amount of power they wish, so long as they poses the skill and patience for it.

Try the prototype here.