Month: May 2015

The Great Big Blog Of Things I Should Get Marks For – Vol 2

Over the past several weeks (thirteen to be exact) yet again, I have been involved in the development of several games as part of my studies. And, yet again, I’m taking this opportunity to create a small gallery of particular pieces of work that I’ve created. Unlike Volume 1, this volume will focus more so on design and management, than on audio, art, and programming. Right then, let’s get to it.



Dyadic – The Pre-Post Postmortem

So, it’s finally done. Dyadic has been finished and presented at exhibition. Well, kind of finished. The exhibition version was completed although as some of you may be glad to know, it looks like we’ll be continuing to work on the game until it’s properly done. So, since I’m doing a postmortem of the first half of the project, and the game isn’t technically done yet, this shall be The Pre-Post Postmortem.


Dyadic – Why It Is

Over the several months, if you’re not already aware, I’ve been involved in the development of a game called Dyadic. It’s a 2D co-op puzzle game, designed by Jack Kuskoff (that’s me) and built by a team of incredible people, and if you haven’t already, you should give it a try. Now, no doubt having played the game you are (or will be) wondering why it is the way it is. What is its purpose? What does it mean? The point of this particular chunk of text is to answer those very questions, and then some.