Month: September 2014

Staring Into The Infinite Future

The games industry is wide and wonderful place, full of countless positions and opportunities. And of all the positions and opportunities, there are some I would much rather take than others. Of these there are two primary positions I would prefer: world/level design and project manager/team leader. If there is one thing that I would want to be remembered for, it is for the world that I created. To shape the world of the player as I see fit, to breathe life into the land itself, to be a god.

Alternatively, being a manager and bossing people around has a similar effect, so that’d be good too. However, in all seriousness, having the opportunity to lead a team of people to success (or perhaps failure) is one I would greatly enjoy (and hopefully be quite good at…if I’m leading them to the former). And then, upon our success, we shall plant our flag atop a hill and gaze upon the infinite tomorrow that lies before us.